Tonymoly - Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint (Made in Korea)

Description of the Product:
Tonymoly Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint is a liquid type tint which helps boost lip luster. Bring your lips to life with a plumping pink color or a voluptuous red. Contains jojoba oil to ease tint absorption, restore cells, and create more supple lips.
It also contains other nourishing ingredients to help lips look more lively and vibrant. 

Use a tip to take a moderate amount, apply starting the inside of the lip lightly towards the outside

Tint, Moisturizes, Restores Cells, Vibrant, Nourishes 

1. Cherry Pink
2. Red
3. Orange Cha Cha

Nokie’s Rating: 4/5 Stars
$ (10ml - between $4 - $10 @ &

Nokie’s Review:
I was really sad when they discounted the CatChu Wink, however it was brought back under the label of Delight. I have 2 colors: #2 Red & #3 Orange Cha Cha. I really did enjoy CatChu Wink lip tint. It lasts long, smells good and taste fruity. However, some people might not prefer the scent and the flavor. The package is cute with an adorable cat shaped lid with sponge applicator. The colors are beautiful and pigmented, however, it’s a bit watery and the product can come out too much but it does dry quick. I start out with very little tint and layer it to the color of my liking.

Nice and vibrant colors
Pigmented tint
Layerable/ buildable
Last long
Adorable packaging

A bit too watery
Scent/ Fragrance
Fruity taste
Didn’t restores cells

Bottom Line:I like this product better than the Delight version. The scent isn’t over-powering and there’s a fruity flavor.  eBay or other sites still sell CatChu Wink if anybody is interested in this version.