I am a fan of the Laneige brand. In Korea, it's considered as mid-high end brand that's under Amore. It is advertised for women ages 20 - 30+ for skin care. They also have a line for men skin care (Aqua Active complex).

The name Laneige in French "La neige" means ‘snow'. The science background is that the 'snow' crystal forms into water (H2O). The brand concept is to study the ‘water’ source of life and enhance hydration/moisturization for the skin.

Laneige Skincare lines:
Basic Care – Helps refine and restore the skin
Water Bank – Helps moisturize the skin 8 times stronger (Most popular line)
White Plus Renew – Prevent pigmentation and clarify skin tone
Pore Care – Minimized the appearance of enlarged pores
Trouble Relief – Deeply moisturized & restore clear skin
Perfect Renew – Anti-aging products & helps skin looking younger
Time Freeze – A high functional anti-aging solution & improve sign of aging
Sun Care – Sun screen with organic herbs & mineral water
Cleansing – Deep cleansers to remove makeup & impurities and leaves the skin refreshed
Special Care – Products to complement the skin care routine (Water sleeping Pack – Most popular)
Aqua Active complex – Men’s skin care (By Laneige Homme)

More information:

As of 2014, Target in Northern America is currently carrying Laneige. I know America tends to have regulations on ingredients and the amount. I’m not sure if it has the same amount of ingredients as Korea’s Laneige version. For more information: