Last Christmas I was able to spoil myself with Sulwhasoo skin care line and the beginning of the year I started using their products. I finally finished my cleansing oil and did a review. I’ll write more on the other  products soon.



I’ve been having crazy headaches and always used Aveda's stress-relieving blue oil. But for one little small bottle it's about $20-$30. So, I decided to do my own little stress and head reliever since I have a bunch of Essential oils at home.

Please my DIY Headache Relief Oil Article here.



This one of my favorite lip tint, Tony Moly CatChu Wink. It's cute and I do love the colors. Click on the picture for the whole review.


I've been into lip tints/stains for awhile and I've been doing reviews on them. Here is one of them...


I’ve been crazy about lip balms and lip tints recently! I even made my own Do It Yourself (DIY) lip tint with beets!
Read the article here: DIY Beet lip tint

I started to take care of my lips last winter because my lips started to chapped and cracked really bad. I did plenty of research and even did my own lip scrub and lip balm for more natural healing ingredients. More Information to come soon!


I updated my skin care routine, click here for updates!

Two new reviews below!!!

Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron Moisture Serum
Laneige - Water bank Essence


Just a quick update of some of my products I just ordered from Korea. I will surely add these on my list for reviews. I got tons of free samples too!

Banila co -  Clean It Zero (Samples sizes)
Elizavecca -  Geen piggy collagen jella pack
Elizavecca -  Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask
PETITFEE -  GOLD&EGF Eye& Spot Patch
PETITFEE -  Gold&EGF Transparent gel Mask Pack


Laneige was the very first skin care brand from Korea I ever tried. The brand is popular and gear towards women in their 20’s & 30’s in Korea. As of 2014, Target is selling the Laneige skin care line!

If you like to read more about the brand, read here!

I added more reviews:

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX
Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel
Laneige Foam Cleanser Moisture


Sorry for the down time, we had to move to a new and ad-free sever! More reviews to come soon this week! Come back soon!


Updated with My Skin Care Routine in the Artcles section.


Happy New Year and welcome to my blog updated with reviews and more coming soon!

Why Love Nokie?
My mom gave me a nick name Noke but people always pronounced it as Nok-ee… So, I decided for people just to call me Nokie. My husband then surprised me with my very own website (Love Nokie) so I can blog whatever I want!!!

I have a lot of interest such as Japanese animations, J-drama, K-drama, Chinese/Taiwanese drama and Thai drama. I love to read and collect mangas and even cosplay once awhile. However, this blog will be about skin care products & of course make up stuff too. I am very passionate about skin care products and I go crazy trying out new things. Maybe I’m a bit of an addict? Nah, it’s just fun experimenting with it!!!

I like to create and experience my own DIY skin care products… I’m still working on it and learning the chemistry and mixing herbal stuff together.

My Skin:
My skin type are a combination of: oily T-zone & dry everywhere else, which causes a lot of breakouts and acne throughout my youth and early adult life. However, in the past few years, I finally invested and tried different skin care products all over the world.

A lot of products have worked while others had made me broke out. I want to share my experience & review products for you all and hope it might help. Right now, I must say… I’ve been acne free for a while and finally got a good skin care routine! Now, my goal is to keep my skin looking healthy and youthful without any cosmetic surgery!!! I’m working on prevention both for my skin and health/fitness!

My future goal:
Getting my aesthetician/ esthetician license.

The products are bought with my own money. I get quarterly bonus from my work and I get to spend it on whatever I want without touching other funds! However, when I buy stuff I do get free samples along with my purchases. In my reviews I will disclose the purchase products and the free samples. All my reviews are from my own experience and I’m very honest about products I’ve used. In this website I will also do giveaways….!!!

My reviews:
I will give as much detailed as I can but my stars criteria will be the following:
1 star: Price – Is it affordable? Is it worth it?
2 stars: Ease of use – texture, smell, etc?
3 stars: Quality – packaging, Ingredients: organic, toxic, etc?
4&5 stars: Claim of products – Does it works as it claims? How’s the performance?
(I wanted to be able to give these section 2 stars as some products work but not as good as it claims)

Skin care price range:
$ - 1 to 15
$$ - 16 to 35
$$$ - 36 to 50
$$$$ - 51 to 85
$$$$$ - 85 and above
(I will share the original price of the products. However, if I noticed a sale price from various website… I’ll post it up! But for the sake of my price range… I use it for original price of the product!)

Please join me in my journey of trial and errors of skin care products. I want this to be a fun and safe place where we can share opinions and experience with one another

- Love Nokie

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