About Me

Why Love Nokie?
My mom gave me a nick name Noke but people always pronounced it as Nok-ee… So, I decided for people just to call me Nokie. My husband then surprised me with my very own website (Love Nokie) so I can blog whatever I want!!!

I have a lot of interest such as Japanese animations, J-drama, K-drama, Chinese/Taiwanese drama and Thai drama. I love to read and collect mangas and even cosplay once awhile. However, this blog will be about skin care products & of course make up stuff too. I am very passionate about skin care products and I go crazy trying out new things. Maybe I’m a bit of an addict? Nah, it’s just fun experimenting with it!!!

I like to create and experience my own DIY skin care products… I’m still working on it and learning the chemistry and mixing herbal stuff together.

My Skin:
My skin type are a combination of: oily T-zone & dry everywhere else, which causes a lot of breakouts and acne throughout my youth and early adult life. However, in the past few years, I finally invested and tried different skin care products all over the world.

A lot of products have worked while others had made me broke out. I want to share my experience & review products for you all and hope it might help. Right now, I must say… I’ve been acne free for a while and finally got a good skin care routine! Now, my goal is to keep my skin looking healthy and youthful without any cosmetic surgery!!! I’m working on prevention both for my skin and health/fitness!

My Future Goal:
Getting my aesthetician/ esthetician license.

Contact Me:

Please join me in my journey of trial and errors of skin care products. I want this to be a fun and safe place where we can share opinions and experience with one another

- Love Nokie